Where and how do I log my scores?

Before starting your workout, please read the scoring instrcutions carefully. This will help you and your judge to note your score correctly.

Your scores can be logged and submitted via Competition Corner.
Please make sure to log-in to your Competition Corner account with the same e-mail address as the one you signed up with. We will keep rating the scores as simple as possible, but we understand that sometimes it might need a little extra explanation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via social media or email

How do I submit my video?

- Follow the instructions under the tab "VIDEO REQUIREMENTS" to make the perfect video
- We have teamed-up with WODProof: their app makes shooting your videos super simple
- Download the app, create an account and follow their explantions on how to use the app - Upload your video via the WODProof app to YouTube
- Copy the link of your uploaded video - While submitting your workout scores in Competition Corner you can enter the video link

Where can I find the workout instructions?

As soon as the Qualifier or (Semi) Finals period starts, you will receive an email from Competition Corner with a link to the workout description, instructions & scorecard(s). Please make sure you are logged in (as an athlete) to be able to download the scorecard. Are you a box owner and/or hosting a qualifier event?
Please send us an e-mail and we will make sure you receive the scorecard(s) by e-mail.

I am a box owner and/or hosting a qualifier event, how do I get access to the workouts?

Please send us an e-mail and we will make sure you receive the workout instructions & scorecard(s) by e-mail

Do I have to video my workouts?

Yes :-)
ALL athletes, both Rx'd and Scaled divisions, need to submit videos for all 3 workouts.
We teamed-up with WODProof. Their app makes it super simple to video your workouts.
For further explanation, click here

Can I do the Final workouts in random order?

This round the workouts need to be done in fixed order On 8 May 07:00h (CET) all 4 workouts will be released at the same time. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email sent by Competition Corner. You have until 16 May 23:59h (CET) to do the workouts, as often as you like. As long as you do them in the predefined order and on a running clock of 60 minutes.
So redoing 1 workout means redoing all 4. So be wise ! ;-) Log scores & submit your videos for all 4 workouts by Sunday 16 May 23:59h (CET). Curious about Qualifier and/or Finals workouts from the past? Check them out here

Will there be a separate leaderboard for Rx'd & Scaled divisions?

Yes! :-) Upon registration you choose your division: Rx'd or Scaled. Both divisions qualify for a spot in the finals, so no mix-up of both. Are you in doubt what to choose? Check out the requirements: Masters or Teens Our motto is: We don't underestimate your age and fitness. And neither should you! :-) It wouldn't be the first time that athletes set PR's or make their first HSPU, or MU during the qualifiers or at the finals. Challenge yourself.

What is my age category?

Your age, as you have during the finals on 5 & 6 June 2021 will determine the age category during the Qualifiers and Semi Finals. You will automatically be added to the correct age categorie based on your date of birth, as submitted upon registration.

Oops, I made a mistake in my registration. How can I change it?

No worries, making a mistake could happen to any of us! Send us an email to explain the issue and we will correct your registration at the back end.

How do I sign up for the Finals?

The Finals are upon personal invitation only, for all athletes that made the top of the leaderboard in the Semi Finals.
Did you make it? Congratulations!
Check you email for your personal invite (sender Competition Corner) and follow the instructions, log in to Competition Corner by using your existing account

Do I need a judge?

Yes & no! :-)
Under current circumstance (lockdowns, boxes closed) having a judge is not mandatory. However.......... We strongly advise to ask the help of a (certified) judge to judge you accurately. He/she can help you to count the reps & make sure you meet the movement standards correctly. This avoids getting a penalty or being disqualified. You don't want someone to just count your (bro) reps.
Tip: Follow the official, online Crossfit Judge Course to better understand the position of a judge and/or be a (better) judge yourself for your fellow competitors.