Master and Teen athletes from all over Europe and even from overseas countries will compete at an online event, broadcasted semi live 

4 - 5 - 6 June 2021

Gyms are not supposed to be empty, athletes should be able to train and stay healthy, competition floors should be filled and spectators should cheer loud!

Our community is not build to stay at home and do nothing. 

We lift, move and throw weights. We hang at the rig and walk on our hands We bike run, swim, row hard & fast.

We, as Masters & Teens Throwdown, love to work hard and encourage others! And we love to see YOU inspire others during competition.

That is why we will host the Finals

It will be different but we need to feel the passion for the sport together with you as an athlete, because we miss YOU so much!

It will be you, competing on the online competition floor. 

We need the rush...and so do YOU!

Challenging times ask for creative solutions to keep us moving

  • Online competition at your local box or gym: we sincerely hope that all Covid measures will be lifted for the majority of the countries by Mid May, allowing you to go to the box for a (private) workout session.

  • Your shirt & name plate will be shipped to you. Love to see you shine during the workouts :-)

  • 4 short workouts on a running clock of 60 minutes

  • Equipment

    • Barbell​

    • Plates

    • Wall

    • Abmat

    • Rig

    • Concept 2 Rower

  • Your videos will be collected, judged & joined together for a (semi) live broadcast on 4, 5 & 6 June. 

  • Online competition floor with 4 or 6 athletes per heat

  • Live hosting & commentary by our MC Alexander Karpf & guests

  • Leaderboard will be hidden until after the broadcast, find out live if you made it to the podium!  

  • Time schedule per age/division will be shared in advance. Not able to watch the live stream? No worries, you can watch the videos per age group as often as you like on our YouTube channel​

  • Registration fee €20

Important dates
  • Invitations for Finals in your mailbox:

    • Female: Monday 19 April

    • Teens: Tuesday 20 April

    • Male: Wednesday 21 April

  • Acceptance within 48 hours

  • Release date workouts: Friday 14 May 07:00h (CET)

  • Deadline logging scores: Sunday 16 May 23:59h (CET)

  • Broadcasting: 

    • 4 June Female

    • 5 June Teens

    • 6 June Male divisions

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