Need to recharge, refuel your energy?
Have a healthy meal, a coffee or just a quick bite!


We are so happy that caterer Yellow Kitchen is back with us for another year of healthy juices & food at our Throwdown.


Yellow Kitchen stands for colourful dishes, prepared fresh daily, preferably organic, using seasonal and local products. Good and honest food and prepared with love, attention to your wishes, maximum taste and minimum waste!

Chicken satay sandwich
Chicken Satay Sandwich
€ 7,50 
Pre-order price € 6,50
Veggie Pasta Pesto (v)
Veggie Pasta Pesto (v)
€ 5,75 
Pre-order price € 5,00
Roasted Pumpkin soup
Roasted Pumpkin Soup (v)

€ 3,75
Pokébowl Chicken
€ 7,50 
Pre-order price € 6,50
Made with love by Yellow Kitchen
Super Quinoa &  Fennel Burger (v)
Super Quinoa & Fennel Burger (v) 
€ 8,50 
Pre-order price € 7,50
Vegan Bounty Pie
Almond & Abricot Cake Bounty Pie (v)
Apple & Oat Cake 

€ 3,00
Pokébowl Veggie
Pokébowl Veggie
€ 7,50 
Pre-order price € 6,50
Cutting fresh vegetables
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Safe time & money!

Don't miss out on a yummie lunch:

Choose your favourite lunch, pick-up time & grab a discount

Pay upon pick-up on Saturday and/or Sunday


Fruit, candy bars & hot dogs

Soda drinks, bottles of water, beer or a nice glass of wine

The Not So Healthy Bar is always a good idea.


Freshly brewed coffee: bullet proof, cappuccino or espresso. 

Or do you prefer tea with home made brownies? 

Pass by the Prodentfabriek coffee bar for your cafeine shot. 

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