QUALIFIERS 2019 - 2020

Saturday 31 August 07:00hrs till
Wednesday 18 September 23:00hrs (CET)


Qualifier 1 - THE STRATEGY

8 min AMRAP, with a continuously running clock complete:

  • Workout 1A: 100 wall balls

  • Workout 1B: remaining time, max. reps power snatch, pick load


RX’d – Ages 14-65+: 

  • Men throw 9 kg (20 lb.) ball to 10-ft. target 

  • Women throw 6 kg (14 lb.) ball to 9-ft. target

RX’d – Teenagers 12-13: 

  • Boys throw 6 kg (14 lb.) ball to 9-ft. target 

  • Girls throw 4 kg (10 lb.) ball to 8-ft. target


Scaled: see Movement Standards on scorecard


Workout 1A

The workout begins with the medicine ball on the ground and athlete standing tall. After the call of “3, 2, 1… go,” the athlete will pick up the ball and perform the 100 wall-ball shots. 

Note your tiebreak!
Tiebreak = score Qualifier 1A

After 100 reps are completed, the athlete will directly move to the barbell for performing power snatches. There is NO rest, between workout A & B, the clock continues to run. The athlete will directly continue to the second part of the workout:

Workout 1B

Within the remaining time perform as many reps of power snatches. Pick & prepare your load before starting workout A, changing the plates on the barbell during the workout is not allowed. 

Weight x number of reps = score Qualifier 1B  
So be smart! :-)

Equipment preparation

  • Medicine ball of appropriate weight for your age group, RX’d/Scaled

  • Check target height appropriate for your age group,  RX’d/Scaled

  • 1 barbell & plates*, pick any load before starting, changing weights during the workout is not permitted

  • Running clock, 8 minutes counting up

* the official weights are in kilograms, if you have access to lbs plates only, please use the following formula:
Lbs to kilograms: multiply by 0.454  

Qualifier 2 - MEGA CINDY​

3 rounds of

5 pull ups
10 push ups 
15 air squats

2 rounds of
5 chest-to-bar pull ups
10 handstand push ups
15 front squats



1 round of
5 bar muscle ups
10 strict handstand push ups
15 overhead squats


Time cap 12 minutes



You can find the in the Movement Standards on the scorecard.

Workout Standards


Workout description

The workout begins with athlete standing tall underneath the pull up bar. After the call of “3, 2, 1… go,” the athlete will have 12 minutes to perform 3 rounds of pull ups, push ups and squats. 

After these rounds are completed, the athlete will continue with 2 rounds of chest-to-bar pull ups, handstand pushups and front squats. 

When both these rounds are completed, athlete continues to the last round: bar muscle ups, strict handstand push ups and overhead squats.

Please note there is a tiebreak in this workout! 

The athlete’s score will be the time it takes to complete the entire workout or the total number of repetitions completed before the 12-minute time cap. In case athletes have the same score (total number of reps and/or end time), the athlete with the lower tiebreak will be ranked higher.

Equipment preparation

  • 1 barbell & plates* of appropriate weight for your age group. Dumbbells and plyo box for scaled variations

  • Tape square for HSPU. Tip: use a plyo box & put tape around it

  • Running clock, 12 minutes counting up

  • Video set up - see requirements on last page of scorecard

* the official plate weight is in kilograms, if you have access to lbs plates only, please use the following formula: kilograms to lbs: multiply by 2.205

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