Hi, my name is Lydia (35), I will assist the physiotherapist.  Perhaps you recognise me from last year? I’m an A-licensed sports therapist, rehabilitation / fitness trainer yoga teacher and fervent Crossfitter myself. I specialize in headaches, hip, shoulder and knee problems.


You can come to me for:

  • First aid for sport injuries

  • Medical taping

  • Sports and triggerpoint massage

  • Eastern cupping

  • Taping

Massages: small contribution, starting from of €5. All of it will be donated to Stichting Roparun #team320.


Tape: contribution starts from €10 (cover costs). Brought your own tape? Happy to help you free of charge!                               

Payment: pin / cash


 I’m looking forward to seeing you all! If you have questions send me a DM via Instagram: @Ly_crossfityogi!

lydia crossfit voorstel foto.jpg