Keep the spirit alive

The competition ’20 – ’21 was quite a challenge!
It has given us loads of energy to see so many athletes competing in the most difficult time, with boxes and gyms being closed. Now that these are back open and everyone is in full training, a new live event seems only logical.

But yet…. something is holding us back, it doesn’t feel right to us.

The Masters & Teens Throwdown is all about connection:
Inspire others during competition through the passion for the sport.
We want our athletes to have a great time with old and new friends from near and far. Unite during qualifiers & finals, on the competition floor and next to it, encouraged by the cheering crowds.

At the moment organizing the Finals, as you and we envision it, is not possible.

Everyone is welcome at the M&TTD, no matter what.

Borders are not fully open; foreign athletes cannot enter freely.

Big crowds around the competition floor seems impossible (unless….). Their energy makes the Finals. All athletes deserve deserve those vibes: taking you to great heights for that extra rep, adding more weight on the barbell or having that very first bar muscle up.
We cannot imagine the Finals with our crowd.

On top of that, the outcome of last month’s survey is fully in line with our feeling: you want to battle live and are not in favour of another online final.

All in all,
with huge pain in our hearts,
we decided to skip a competition year.

No M&TTD qualifiers, no live event in ’21 – ’22

We have loads of ideas and we continue looking for opportunities to keep the spirit of the M&TTD alive. So… be prepared, we will be back!!

Thank you for understanding & your continuous support.

With love,
Claudia, Marjolein, Sanja