For all athletes, both Rx'd & Scaled divisions


To be able to make a great broadcast of the Finals & fun to watch, we kindly ask you to stick to the prescribed instructions and provided floorplans. It’s quite a read, but once set, you’re ready to go!

When your situation does not match the given floorplans, please get in touch with us and we will find a solution together:


WhatsApp with our Programming Manager, Marjolein: +31652408846


All video submissions should be sharp, uncut, unedited and only showing 1 athlete at the time in order to accurately display the performance. Scores and videos not meeting the following requirements will not be approved and can lead to an invalid score.

Use the WODProof app

Download the app on iOS or Google Playstore

Championship winners hold themselves to championship standards

“Leave no doubt”

Review your video before submitting it. 

Ask yourself if you would accept the quality of work in the video.

An interesting article about online judging & what's important as an athlete,

written by Adrian Bozman & Dave Eubanks

  • If possible ask a (certified) judge to judge you accurately. He/she can help you to count the reps & meet the movement standards correctly. This avoids getting a penalty or being disqualified. You don't want someone to just count (bro) reps.  

  • Follow the official, online Crossfit judges course to better understand the position of your judge and/or be a judge for your fellow competitors

  • Do not be afraid to no-rep an athlete, for athletes do not get frustrated or be afraid to get no-repped