Get to know the girl power behind the Masters & Teens Throwdown 



My name is Claudia Mahler, 52 years young and founder of the Masters & Teens Throwdown.

For 4 years Kim, Lonneke and I were the power behind the Throwdown. Since last year we have a new team. 


Please meet Marjolein and Sanja. I am very happy they joined me in the organisation!


Founder & Butterfly


Since Crossfit came into my life, big part of my world is all about it!I train & work at Crossfit Amersfoort and organize events in many sizes. I am a CFL1 coach, owner of Old's Cool Masters apparel and a Crossmaxx Ambassador.

My husband competes internationally and I am lucky enough to join him on many Throwdowns and make Crossfit friends all over Europe. These trips are an inspiration for The M&TTD.

So my role is: connecting people, sponsors, vendors, social media, programming the WOD's; overall butterfly!

Other than that, I love to travel, enjoy the sun, meet new people, drink wine & have a good time!

My motto?

Until further notice celebrate everyting!




My name is Marjolein, 40 plus something and in the 1st place FitMom of Joy. 

My passion for Crossfit started May 2012: after my first workout I knew I would never leave. You can find me at CrossFit Seyst 5 times a week. 

I am proud to be a team member of the Masters & Teens Throwdown so we can make CrossFit athletes EnJoy the ride.

Besides M&TTD I am a teacher at Sportacademie Amersfoort and I have my own business: Your Ultimate Fitness. I am a personal trainer, CFL2 coach, yoga instructor, food-, health- and lifestylecoach and I love to cook! I love my BBQ, summer and winter. 

So programming WOD's, planning of  the equipment, competition floor layouts and crew are an easy thing for me!

My tattoo says:

When the mind is pure, Joy will follow like a shadow that never leaves.



van den Broek

My name is Sanja, Master 50 - 54, mom of 2 adolescents infected with the Crossfit virus by my enthusiasm. Since Fall 2014 I train at Mainport Crossfit and there I am part of the event team too.

Mon - Thu I work at KLM, switched from Corporate Account Manager, handling contracts & organizing large events to Campaign Manager for loyalty program Flying Blue. 

So creating marketing campaigns, the website, handling the (financial) administration and keeping the balls up in the air comes natural to me.

Bitten by the travel bug, with a crush for cities and beaches, dance at festivals, wine & dine with friends. 

My rules to live by:

Do what makes you happy, be with those who make you smile & shine bright. Laugh as much as you breath.




Unite like-minded people. It's all about the community: connect with new and old fit friends, work hard & have fun. Your smile is our smile. Created for you by us, with love and enthusiasm.