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In 2017 the Teens division was added to the Masters Throwdown. Ever since, these two categories make our Throwdown one of its kinds!

  • 12 - 13

  • 14 - 15

  • 16 - 17

  • 18 - 19

  • 20 - 21

Teens - basic skills

We encourage Teens to train & develop their talent in the sport of fitness in a safe and fun environment. Correct movement standards always come first, to ensure safety under the competition pressure.  

Basic skills for Rx'd* 

  • Run, row, bike or ski erg, jump, double unders  

  • Gymnastic skills: pull ups, HSPU. Can you do MU's? That's great, but not a must. We might challenge you to do your first one during the Finals ;-)

  • Able to complete 3 - 4 workouts in 1 day

Basic skills for Scaled versions* 

  • Run, row, bike or ski erg, jump, single unders   

  • Gymnastic skills: jumping pull ups, hanging knee raises

  • Able to complete 2 - 3 workouts in 1 day


Minimum weight for multiple reps in a workout


* Please note that the description above is not a comprehensive list of the movements but a general guide, resonably knowing what to expect. 

All prescribed workouts are accompanied by a scaled version. Athletes who are unable to perform a workout as prescribed may choose the scaled workout.

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