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Master and Teen athletes from all over Europe and beyond will (re)unite on and next to the competion floor for two full days of challenging workouts & fun

  • All athletes will compete both days

  • 3 challenging WOD's per day.

  • Boys/Girls 12-13: 2 WOD's on Saturday, 3 on Sunday 

  • There is no cut-off 

Time table



Friday 2 September: 16:00 - 20:00hrs

Saturday 3 September: at least 1 hour before your heat of WOD 1


WOD 1: 08.30 - 10.55 - Crossmaxx Floor
WOD 2: 10.30 - 13.25 - Runway
WOD 3: 11.30 - 17.20 - Crossmaxx Floor

WOD 1: 08.30 - 13.05 - Crossmaxx Floor
WOD 2: 10.45 - 14.55 - Shelter
WOD 3: 13.30 - 16.25 - Crossmaxx Floor


Prize winners ceremony: Sunday 4 September 17:00 - 18:00hrs

Time table
Workout stages
3 Workout stages


Crossmaxx Floor
The main competition floor right in front of the Shelter, fully equipped & powered by Lifemaxx Fitness.

Saturday & Sunday: workouts 1 & 3

Have you ever done your workout on a (former) runway? Now you can! The Runway is located 400m / an easy stroll of 4 minutes / 2min warm-up run (tip!) away from the main competition floor. 

Saturday - workout 2

Throught the entire weekend this is your happy place, inside the Shelter you will find the warm-up & athlete chill areas, toilets for athletes (& crew) and 1 shower.

Sunday - workout 2


Join us, cheer for your favourite athlete, help them to get through the workouts, get a super close look at the athletes competing.

Feel the vibes! 

Meanwhile food trucks, vendors & music will brighten up your day and nourish the inner being

Spectator tickets are sold at the door

Payment cash or debit card only
Credit card payments are not accepted



Shelter 611, Vliegbasis Soesterberg

Hertenlaan 12, 3734 CG Den Dolder

The Netherlands

*Google Maps route: enter the address without house number!!! Or use the "Directions" button

As we are located in a protected nature area, we kindly ask you to take care of our surroundings:

  • No dogs allowed, sorry dog lovers

  • Don't step or sit on the grass: plenty of seating space will be provided 

  • Take your garbage & throw it in one of the many bins

Thank you for understanding!

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